U2L13 Personal Website

The checklist for this project says “Your website includes multiple sized images”. Are the students expected to create multiple img subclasses in the CSS file? If so, is there an example of how to do this? The only mention of subclasses I can see is Lesson 7 level 2 (RGB challenge level). Thanks!


The way I read this is that there are multiple images that are all sized … they can all be styled with a single css rule such as the following:

img {width: 350px;}

I think the idea is that students can take images that are all different sizes and use a single rule to get them all to be the same width.

There is a better lesson on classes than lesson 7, though. (Lesson 17) It teaches how to use “classes” to create images in different sizes as well.

So, either way could be taught. I guess you’d just want to be clear with the students what you expect them to do.