U2L9 Project Alternative Rubric



I like the rubric on Code.org but need to assign a grade for the project. Please provide me with feedback to improve my rubric.U2L9 Web Development - Personal Project Rubric.docx (24.4 KB)
U2L9 Web Development - Personal Project Rubric.pdf (189.5 KB)


This looks almost exactly like the one I created for my class. I broke it down like a checklist too to make it easier to go through each of the pages. I have 180 students at a time and I need a way to get through the sites quickly.


Mrs. Bobb,

Looks good, on my rubrics I have written down the Lesson that they learned the specific skill so students can return to that lesson for a refresher if they are missing any components.



Thank you! I also put the unit name and number, lesson name and number and name of the assignment because students would ask me 50 times for that information. How exhausting!!!

Mrs. D. Bobb

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