U3L27: Student Final Project

Through the course of the game, when the game proceeds to the 4th background, the main character does not show up, the student needs help getting the main character to show up.

I have a student that wants to use backgrounds from the animation library in her backgound 1 and background 2 functions with the score showing. We are obviously messing up the order of the code because when we just do a basic background color in the functions, the score shows. When we use an animation from the library the background is on top of the score. Please advise

We’ve tried every order of code we can think of. No success

First very impressive game, both in the coding and the idea of the game to help health. Second, you are correct it is about the order of the code.

In the draw loop the very last thing you do is Draw Sprites. When you are using a sprite for a background that’s when it will draw it.

If you want something, the score for example, to be drawn in front of the sprite, put that command after the Draw Sprites command in the Draw Loop. That should get your score to show up in front of whatever sprite is drawn.


The main character is there, but off the screen to the left. When you go to background4 you can barely see the corner of the pink shirt. The right arrow will bring the main character onto the screen when playing.

Could the student figure out a way to have the main character show up when background4 appears if that’s what they are trying to do?

Did I answer all your questions? I almost missed one.

It helps if you start a new post when you have a different question about different code.

Code On!

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