U4 Day 15: PD Discussion Topic

U4 Day 15: PD Discussion Topic

What examples of conditionals can you come up with from everyday life ?

Some more common ones would include things like traffic light colors as in ‘If red then stop’ If green the go’, 'if yellow…" well the jury is still out on that one! :smile:

Another might include, if it is cold outside then wear a jacket.

Deciding how to dress everyday involves conditionals: If it is rainy, wear a raincoat. If it is sunny, wear sunglasses, etc.

A nice visual, which is how most universities teach programming is using a flowchart and writing pseudocode. Teach with that. Additionally is how kids try to negotiate and barter with their parents when things aren’t going their way. :wink:

Deciding what to do with leisure time includes conditionals. For students, If my friends are going to the basketball game, then I will go as well would be one example.

I like the way code.org simplifies concepts for students to help them understand conditionals. An example would be if it is raining then bring an umbrella. Also, if the signal is green then go.