U5L8 Create a Representation - Exemplar



I have a question about the exemplar. It says that he reads Lila in the character section of the punch card and I cannot figure out how they got that.

Any help would be appreciated!


This is the section I was talking about.



Great question - if you covert lines 3 and 4 to binary (01101100 and 01101001), then converting to decimals equals 108 and 105, then using an ASCII chart it equals l and i. But lines 5 and 6 are backwards - meaning that if you convert to binary using the opposite method (dark square is a 1 and blank square is a 0) you get 01101100 and 01100001 which is 108 and 97 or l and a - but the methods are inconsistent. I’ll bump this to the ops team and can you possibly put in a bug report?




Was this resolved in the printable yet?
What ASCII chart do we use? The one from U5L7?



All ASCII charts are the same, its a universal standard. So you could use the one from U5L7 which is the binary to ASCII, but a quick google search will offer ones that convert from binary, decimal, octal, hexadecimal - it might be interesting for students to see the different ways numbers can represent letters and help with the idea of “representation”.

Hope that helps!


Yes! Thank you!

Since I have the print-outs from that lesson, I’ll just reuse those. But I may present on the OHP one that has multiple like you suggested.