Unit 1.4 Video substitute available?


Wondering if anyone has used or can think of a suitable substitute for the soon to be filmed “How Do Computers Work” video mentioned in the lesson plan for this unit…


Hi @vkt2238

This definitely not as engaging as the video we’re going to be creating and it doesn’t emphasize the role of computers in problem solving as much, but if you’d like a video to quickly present the input-output-store-process model of a computer this one should do fine for now.

Hope that helps.



First of all, I love the video! I even showed it to my teachers when explaining what our class will entail, but I wanted to let you know, that in the lesson plan for this lesson, “What is a Computer,” You still have a sidebar Teaching Tip that says it’s still in film, but you finished it, and well I might add! You can take that down now :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve taken out the Teaching Tip. Glad you like the video!


Intel® Education: The Journey Inside℠ has great videos teaching about how computer works.