Unit 1 lesson 5 materials for students

The new activities for lesson 5 Unit 1 could really use an activity guide for the students. Does anyone have anything for the candy shop activities?

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I was wondering the same thing. I was also having a hard time with the widget. The teacher guide mentions directing the students to Level 1 but I don’t see a way to change levels on the odometer widget.


There is only one level on the Odometer widget. Level 1 is the regular one teachers saw in the 5-day summer workshop if they attended that. Here’s a direct link to it: Code.org

I invite the community to share any resources for the Candy Shop activity, but I believe this was likely left open-ended as the challenge here is for students to figure our their own pricing structure for the shop. I’d invite the community to share how any resources they’ve created might enhance their creativity or stifle it based on their classroom experiences.

–Michael K.

Does anyone know where I can find the Flippy Do Pro? I can’t seem to print a copy of it. Thank yoU!

The physical Flippy Do Pro (empty template) is the same as that of the Flippy Do. Students will be filling it out. If you are looking for a digital Flippy Do, here is one that was shared on the forum.