Unit 10 - Lesson 10

I am trying to set up Unit 10 - Lesson 10 Slide 116. The instructions
Go to AP Classroom, and complete the Call Center practice questions, as assigned by your teacher.
I also have the Lesson Plan open and used the prompts to search for the Call Center questions, but they do not appear on the AP Classroom. There are questions about MeeReader, but nothing about a Call Center.
Can you please help

Hi @dzulkiewski ,

To confirm, you followed the yellow Teaching Tip and searched for the “benefit of storing call session information” questions and the search didn’t turn up?

I don’t have access myself to AP Classroom so I’m unable to try this myself.

I’ll see if anyone else I know who has access has the same issue.


I did use the tip and copied and pasted the term into the AP. What else can we do?

David Zulkiewski

The Call Center example is actually in the Course and Exam Description file on pages 178-180. It’s part of the Sample Exam Questions section.

In the Question Bank in AP Classroom I found them by first:
Clicking on “Assessment Performance and Source” and choosing “AP Course and Exam Description”

The questions are:

directory information not supplied by customer (Question 14 in the CED)
benefits of upgraded system (Question 15 in CED)
data privacy concern of upgraded system (Question 16 in CED)
benefit of storing call session information (not in the CED)

Let me know if that helps.

Thank you, I appreciate the help

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