Unit 3 background color question

Is there a way to set a background with a gradient color?

Link to the project or level: Code.org - Game Lab
**What I expect to happen:**I want a gradient color to go from white to blue in a direction from left to right diagonally.
What actually happens: error
What I’ve tried: using linear-gradient

Hi @hensleyn,

My understanding is linear-gradient is a CSS function that isn’t supported in Game Lab, which runs a version of JavaScript. I’ll run it up the ladder to verify but I’m pretty sure this is something that Game Lab doesn’t do.

In the meantime, can the student design their background elsewhere, screenshot it, and import it to Game Lab as an animation?

Michael K.

Thanks. Just curious if it can be done in GameLab.

I suggested the same thing, design elsewhere and import. I am not sure what he ended up choosing to do as I haven’t seen the final project yet.

Thanks for the help.