Using Gradient colors for background

Just curious if it would be possible to use gradient colors for screen and background colors in App Lab ( I’ve looked into it a bit and I know it looks complicated but I was hoping maybe there was some code that you could share to make it doable for my advanced CSD students who are working on apps in Unit 6.


I don’t know off the top of my head, but I would suggest using Google Draw or something similar to create your own background (gradient or not) and upload it. This is a great opportunity to talk about screensize and different dimensions. For other app development programs - the program has ways to correct for what screen your on - might be of interest to some of your students.




This is great - would you mind heavily commenting (even more than currently) everything you did so that people can use it as a template for themselves. Really great though!


Wow! Very interesting to see what you’ve done.
It reminds me of how a dot matrix printer operated.
Not sure any of my students will get to where they could use this this year, but I’ll share it with a small group and see if they can reproduce and explain how it works.


I hope your students find some use for it. The fundamental concept behind the code is linear interpolation, which should have picked up from Algebra.

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(Brad, I have gone back and added some significant documentation to the top of the project file. HTH.)



That. Is. Awesome.