App to demonstrate 12-bit RGB colors

I noticed some of my students struggling with the 12-bit colors, so I made an app with sliders for R, G, and B that displays the color on a canvas and spells out the 3 hexadecimal digit color code, so they could get a better understanding of how it works. They seemed to find it really helpful, so I figured I’d share it in case anybody else wants to use it. This also shows a preview of a simple app that can be made in App Lab once we get to Unit 3.


Thank you for sharing.This is very useful!


Hope you don’t mind - I did a remix! I like to emphasize to my students what’s physically happening on screen - that there literally are only ever 3 colors being displayed at any time. I tried to use the turtle to paint subpixels… from afar it looks like the intended “mixed” color, but up close hopefully you can distinguish the intensity of each “pixel”.

I don’t mind at all, that’s why I posed it. Thanks for sharing the remix, that’s really cool! I also play this video for my students that shows the pixels and how TV and video works:

Great tools and a great video! Thanks again for sharing