17-18 Discussion for Lesson 2.4 Encoding Images in Color

Here is my image:

Issue I think students will have is discovering that if they are off by one number (type 7 zeros instead of 8, they will get unexpected results from that point on in the image as the rest of the numbers will be “off”). There may be frustration with the students initially as they get use to the tool and how it behaves. Once they begin to see the pattern of their input, they will be willing to experiment some more. I will encourage them to save their input often in Notepad, etc. That way, if the save doesn’t work as expected or our lab computer’s memory gets wiped (which the district does on a regular basis), students will still have their file on their personal student drive.

I also liked the ideas shared from last year to use a program for students to upload their favicons and then have a “gallery walk”


Here is my image:

I could foresee that the students may be confused how to set up the 12 x12 canvas using bits. Additionally, I can foresee that the students may be confused about how to make the correct color appear. I may have to demo how to formulate the RGB values for Red, Green, and Blue. After they see those values, they’ll be able to alter the colors that they want by varying the bits that they turn on. As written in Susan’s post above, I could see that the students may be confused by how many bits they should include per pixel. Since each pixel uses 12 bits, they must include 12 bits/pixel.

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Here is my image:

I think that students will have a hard time typing in the data, getting the color they want and figuring out where they want to make changes. I plan to demonstrate first and then monitor the classroom to try to help alleviate some of the issues.