Unit 1 favicon as an option

I know it’s not part of the revised curriculum, but if I want to do this lesson anyway, is there an easy way to link to it for each student? We have a short virtual day coming up and this seems like an easy extension for them after they have learned about colors. I’ve found that some of the artistically-inclined students really get into this activity.

@will_wright To assign that lesson, you will have to switch to the 19-20 curriculum. That will give them access to the lesson. From your Dashboard, Click on the course name. That will allow you to see all the units for the 20-21 curriculum. Beside the course name you will see a version dropdown, menu. There you will be able to select a legacy version of the curriculum with the favicon lesson.

I also decided to include this lesson though it isn’t part of the curriculum. Similarly to you, I felt that this was something that certain students loved, and it was an easy entry point for students who might not see themselves as “a computer science kid” to consider another view. I edited the activity guide and rubric from last year, and had them complete the assignment in “bubble 8” on the 20-21 curriculum.

Terence, thank you! I’ve never switched to another curriculum version mid-year. So you think I can switch to last year’s version, have them navigate to the proper lesson in unit 2, and complete their favicon. The next day I would switch them back to the current version of the curriculum. Does that seem like the proper sequence? It’s hard to test it when I only have a teacher account!

@biermanl I see what you did! That’s a nice way to fit the project into the existing flow. Every year I have students copy & paste their pictures as a series of 0 and 1 into our class discussion, so it’s hard to tell what the image is, then we share them on the projector. It’s been a really fun activity, and some students spend hours creating their own image. I save the images and now have 4 years worth! It’s very fun. I also find that some students don’t put a lot of time into it… and when they see what their classmates have done it gets them to step up and take the class a bit more seriously. Anyway, I like your idea, thank you!