Alternate Project for Unit 1 Lesson 12-13

I like the Digital Information Dilemmas project and what it encourages the students to think through.

However, it feels poorly aligned to the rest of the unit. While students apply some of the knowledge they have learned several other aspects of the unit are not demonstrated.

I’m hoping to use Digital Information Dilemmas and ??? as projects. I would like a second project that focuses more on the skills and knowledge practiced through out the unit. Any suggestions or pre-developed projects?


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Thanks for your feedback. I will definitely forward your feedback to staff

We used the favicon project from a couple(?) years ago. It’s great! favicon project (edit)

I like your idea. I was thinking of working in some version of design your own QR code, explaining how it works. I’m not thinking through merging the two.

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Thank you for the favicon project! I will be using that.

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any other ideas? I agree the “project” seems not enough. They basically do the same as they did in the lesson right before it just with a different article

Used a project inspired by @blwalker3. Students really liked it, and final questions helped expose depth of understanding on binary, copyright and other topics. It was fun seeing what students choose 32x32 vs 16x16 even though no grade incentive. I revised the final questions, and rubric. I’m working to make my class more standards based (as I learn what that means).

Students and I are working together to make a collage of all images (with attributions and copyrights). We are going to get it printed poster size and hang up in common space. We’ve had good conversations around who owns the copyright for student work.

Thanks @blwalker3 !

Tina Frog
Birthday Frog by Tina B (CC - BY)

P1.12 Favicon.docx (484.6 KB)

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You’re very welcome! credit to my colleague, Kailen L, who did most of the thinking around it, but very glad it worked out