'15-'16 Encoding Color Images

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When I first introduce pixels I may show a clip from the new movie Pixels to illustrate the concept and get the students excited about the lesson.


That’s a cute idea tschlotterback. I have not seen the movie, but I am going to watch it. Maybe a broader message since the Aliens misinterpret the feed. Have to think on that one.

I used this lesson last year when it was mostly done. The students loved making their own favicon. I think the movie truly helps this letter to be even better. My only though now is do I teach hexadecimal after or before this because it mentions the use of it for color. I am leaning to after because the students will be more motivated if they know why it is important. I also need to see if it is taught later in the curriculum.

I am looking forward to this lesson. I think the students will get into developing their personal favicons. I think the lesson does a good job or showing how many colors you get with various bit lengths. I think the rubric for the favicon is too simple but i like reflection questions.

Because I am a video production and media design teacher, I really enjoy these lessons on encoding b and white and color images. They have so many connections that students who have experience in web design or digital design (adobe suite) will appreciate the presence of these lessons.

Another lesson I think I will love teaching. I am passionate about using color effectively and I have grown to start to understand how color bit works so I am looking forward to teaching this lesson. Similar to the black and white image I intend to “dress” this up with some information I already have on bit color depth, etc

I think this lesson is going to take some reviewing and practice on my part. Hex is mentioned in the lesson so I need to know how much to delve in to this topic. I like the idea of using the movie to get kids attention!

Wow, there are a lot of activities in this lesson. I could see this taking several days to explore all of the ideas presented. I will need to stay aware of my schedule in order to not spend too much time here.

I agree this lesson does look like if you have the time you could spend more on it than originally planed.

I think the students will be very interested with the B&W and color lessons. It will really make a good connection with how binary/hex is used to send this data from one computer to another, and how their TVs, movies, etc work. These lessons are naturally motivating for students.

The “Little Bit About Pixels” video is great, and definitely one to show to students.

And I hope the Pixels movie that is out will have some pertinent info for this class - it’s always great to include popular media!

I may have a friendly competition for who can create the best color favicon. I’ll allow the students to vote anonymously on their 3 favorite ones.

The video is a great resource for first time Computer Science teacher as myself as it provides a wealth off information for understanding the concept of color images.

It’s nice to see a practical application of hex that should be very engaging. It’s also a nice interdisciplinary tie-in with art. Also an opportunity to promote my CSA class that does a project with image manipulation. Assessment could include some kind of manual translation from bits to color on paper, given the right guides for figuring out the colors.

I think the students will be very excited about making their own images and understanding how it all works when put together. They hear pixels, resolution, hex code, rgb, etc all the time and these lessons will pull all that together for them.

I think this lesson does a nice job of bringing together all the information from the previous 4 or 5 lessons. I think the favicon project will be neat. There are a couple of website resources in the Favicon Activity Guide that you should check out if you haven’t seen them already. They let students just play with making pixel designs, which could be a great planning device for students who feel intimidated by creating art.

looking forward to this lesson. I like the connection to the different number systems as well as the connection to functions. I have a few student that are also in my Algebra 2 class and this is a perfect example of functions.

I like the color competition as someone else mentioned. Once we are all through this lesson with our students, I would love to see the responses of my fellow teachers. What worked, what didn’t? As of right now, I am just trying to understand what I am asking my students to do. Just in case if you are wondering … I do get it. Love the videos … I am lucky I have been in the computer industry since 1983. Will students have unexpected questions based on that … sure!

This is one of those areas that makes me uncomfortable because I don’t know about hexidecimal. Fortunately, I have some time to play with it. Not sure how this is going to go.

I agree that the video “A Little Bit about Pixels” is a great tool. This unit will grab the students’ interest since so many use Instagram on a regular basis. Learning about image manipulation will help them on the AP Comp Sci exam in the future.