'15 -'16 Lesson 2 - Sending Binary Messages


Use this as a space to record your feedback and questions about this lesson.


I am looking forward to doing this lesson with my students.


As I reviewed Lessons 2 - 5, I quickly became engaged in the various tasks and how I would deliver each lesson. After pulling myself from the trench, I realized I was overlooking the big picture at times. To help me not forget (and the students) I want to have posters of the 7 big ideas around my room, so they could help provide ties between each lesson/unit and also be used as a “parking lot” for students to post notes, ideas or questions on.


Another extremely well thought out group of lessons that move onto each other adding slightly more complex variations and new ideas to the students. The resources are also well thought out and I don’t think anyone could go wrong using the materials at hand. One thing I might add to lesson 2 is asking the students to pick some items not on the list that THEY think would make for good communications devices.


I will follow the lessons as prescribed - they are concise and straight forward as they increase in complexity and build on previous content. I have several physical items related to internet infrastructure i.e. cable, router, hotspot, and will show these to students. Will use the supplied rubric as an assessment.


The lessons are fitting together because they are building the concept from each other, adding more complex variations so the student can understand how binary messages are sent over the internet. I will follow the lessons outline, use the resources provided, and the rubric provided for assessment.


I really like how the lessons naturally build on each other in complexity. I will be watching the teacher videos again before I actually teach the lessons for a quick refresher on each concept. I will need to look at my supplies for building the binary machines and possibly go shopping for small items.


With my students being online, I am a little nervous as to how this lesson will pan out when they try to do this on their own. I modified the lesson plan to fit an online environment, so we will see how it goes.

If I can swing it, I am going to go to one of my schools on the day that the students will do this lesson, and see what modifications I need to make for the future.


What other “maker supplies” have you used/ do you plan to use? I’m a bit concerned about the noisemakers - my neighbor tends to get disturbed easily - and want them to have lots of options.



I liked the activity and I plan on using it in my classroom. The lessons build on each other and seem to keep the students engaged in the lessons. So I plan to follow the lessens plans, this will be my first time teaching the course.


I plan on initially following these lessons as outlined as they seem thorough. I will definitely review the teacher videos again.


This chunk of lessons forms the basis of introducing concept of binary to the students.I will certainly use the activity of designing a binary system using non verbal communication by using a lot of little things around the house and class room. I will plan on using the video on Internet; it is very informative and clear about the concepts being introduced. I will use the suggested activity and assessment rubric to evaluate student learning


I like the idea of letting them create binary question. I think this activity should go smooth. I need to remember to take material to school. It is pretty neat concept.


I plan to introduce the lesson with students devising bit sending devices first so they can discuss their methods and limitations; after which students will review the video and outline the three methods of transmitting data


OK, this lesson is why I am glad I don’t teach elementary. I hate shopping and can’t imagine spending my weekends scrounging Dollar Tree and Target for ‘stuff’ to make the lesson happen. I guess I’ll just have to get over it.


Instead of party horns, students can make tapping noises with pencils, or click on their pens.


I am glad that we did this lesson at the PD so I could see the possibilities of what could and should happen. I think I will combine lesson 3 as an extension of this lesson. My classes are about 90 minutes so it should work out.


I like that this is an early opportunity to take CS content “outside the box” and give the students a chance to be creative.


These lesson are very interactive and should be good for my students. I want to deliver them as the lesson plan has it laid out. The idea I saw mentioned of having the 7 big ideas posted around the room is something I want to do as well.


Will be doing lesson as planned…may need to adjust materials! Love how this one is hands on and allows students to be creative! Will be using the Teacher videos to help me!