Teach colors RGB in hexadecimal, before getting into CSS colors?

Is there a lesson that I can use to teach colors RGB in hexadecimal, before getting into CSS colors?


Can you explain exactly what you’re wanting to teach?

RGB and hexadecimals are just two different ways to get the same colors, both of which can be used in css declarations. There is a lesson in the Computer Science Principles course that spends more time showing how that works. This video comes from there and is helpful as an explanation.

In CS Discoveries, there is more of a focus on RGB colors when developing games as well. The hexadecimal are more common in web development, but are you hoping to teach more about hexadecimal or more about RGB? The CSP lesson shows how RGB are converted to hexadecimal, but that’s probably a bit above my 7th and 8th graders’ need to know, at least in my situation.

If you need more, let us know what you’re hoping for and I’m happy to poke around a bit.


Michael thanks! A teacher in our cohort posted this question, I directed her to the forum to see if anyone has taught a similar lesson with this topic. Since I am still working on unit 1, I posted the question to the forum to at least direct her to a solid answer.

Which lesson from CSP? This way I can direct her to the specific lesson. I’m so grateful, Thank you!

OK. I see I linked the wrong thing in my previous message (I will fix it now in case others stumble onto this post in the future). This is the video I was referencing.

The lesson is part of unit 1 in CSP and may not stand well on it’s own because it’s part of a unit on how we represent various things in different ways, so jumping in right at this lesson may be a bit confusing, but here’s the link.

It looks like the lesson uses a similar (but not the same) video. I think the video I linked above may be better in terms of showing how RGB is mapped to hexadecimal. Depending on what your other teacher wants to teach, the video may be a quick enough explanation on its own, but if they want to go more into depth, they could look at all of unit 1 of CSP.


This is great, thank you!