When do we teach Hexadecimal?

I’m just starting Unit 2 Lesson 4: Encoding Color Images and it’s talking about hexadecimal quite a bit and the curriculum has not taught that to the students yet. Is this is a mistake or did I make a mistake possibly?

@augiejohnston I think you make a good point. It is hard to see it in the lesson. It is in the printed activity guide a bit, and in the videos a bit too. There is an ¨optional¨ activity guide that goes through hex in a bit more detail, I personally, think it could use a bit more of an emphasis either by using the optional guide or by talking about it in your class a bit more clearly.

I will bubble up the concern to the curriculum writing team too! I think it is a good observation!

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Great thanks! I appreciate your feedback.

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I found myself supplementing this, as well. (Actually, using Interactive Notebooks as suggested by Kaitie)

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I just came here for the very same question!

As many have noted here, this does need to be officially in the curriculum. I have always explained hex as part of this lesson. The optional materials take 2 digit hex to binary and then to decimal. That’s a good approach and I think I will try that this year. Students will need to be able to take a 2 digit hex number to decimal on the AP Exam (more like order a decimal, a binary and a hex number from least to greatest)