Does the New AP Exam still have Hex and Octal Questions?

Last year I added a lesson to this. Just looking to see if it is covered in the “new” AP Exam and if so if there is a lesson on it that already exists?

@yanet.cabrera Based on the Learning Objectives and Essential Knowledge statements, Octal and Hex will not be on the exam. Students should understand how to calculate Binary (base 2) equivalent of a positive integer (base 10) and vice versa. They should also compare and order binary numbers.

@terence.stone25 Thank you for your reply! Was it on the exam in previous years? There were questions on it for the readers question bank in the past, so I just wanted to see if they did away with it or if it was never there to begin with. Thanks!

Hi @yanet.cabrera,

Hex was on the previous exams, but octal was not.

Or at least I hope it wasn’t because I hadn’t heard of it lol.


(ok but really, octal was not in the old standards)

But we can confirm that hex is not going to be on the exam this year?

Hi @rmartin1,

As Terence mentioned above, hex is not mentioned in the new course outline. The exam covers only the skills and knowledge identified in the outline / Course and Exam Description (CED).

You can see what is covered in the Course and Exam Description:

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Perfect, thank you Frank.