Is hexidecimal included in 2020-2021 exam?’s Unit 1 doesn’t cover hexidecimal. I thought this was because it isn’t part of the 2020-2021 exam. But, hexidecimal is covered in the College Board’s practice questions. I could read a detailed document somewhere, but if someone knows, to what degree is hexidecimal covered on the new exam?

  • Carol

@carol.ramsey This question was addressed in a previous thread [ here ]. However, It seems we need to do a little more investigating. Stay tuned for a definitive answer soon.

Hex is not on the exam. There are questions in the AP Classroom Question Bank that are not exam-quality questions, and are marked as such. These questions are provided by the College Board because they are still useful for many teachers, but the Course and Exam Description is your source of truth for the 20-21 AP exam.


Thank you! (It made me put 20 characters, so here is a note. :slight_smile:)