Unit 3 Final Project Sharing

Does anyone have ideas on how to share out all the final projects at the end of Unit 3? I have 3 classes of CS Discoveries which is over 100 students and they are loving sending and playing their games on their phones. I would love for them to have all access to all their peers games.

I like to set up a question in Google Classroom. Usually something like, “Share the link to your project as the answer to this question.” Then I make the settings so that students can see and comment on one another’s work. This gives the students and me a spot to easily access all of the projects with the capability to leave a comment about it. Maybe others have better ideas.

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I do a digital “gallery walk” which I have students share the link to their game on a Google Doc, then have students write what they liked and wished about the game underneath. I see you have over 100 students, but hopefully they are in classes of under 33ish that you could do?

Just a thought,