Unit 3, Lesson 14: Interactive Card Question


One more thing on Erik’s. His rainbow background has a 2nd slide that is blank. That caused it to blink when I was playing with it. If he starts to see blinking, he may want to delete the 2nd image (in the animation tab).


Good Morning,

I have a student (Jaylen) whose code has locked up. We have tried different search engines and rebooted her computer and still, it does not work. Can you help please?



Here is the link to Jaylen’s project.


Did they make some changes to it since you posted? It looks like it is missing a “setAnimation” block, but it appears to be running as written.


As of yesterday Jaylen’s code.org would lock up and she is unable to do anything we have tried rebooting, rejoining my class, different search engines, and a different computer. It has to be a program problem attached to her account somehow. She sent a message in and included her username and my class code. Hopefully, they can figure it out.

Good idea. support@code.org should be able to help.