Unit 3: Lesson 14 - Side Scroller Game

Link to the project or level: [replace with link to the curriculum or get the “Share” link to a project]
What I expect to happen: The scene should change and a new background, coin, and player should appear when the score reaches 100.
What actually happens: The error that comes up is with the score variable.
What I’ve tried: We tried looking through the code for an error several times.

Hi @jennifer.hemry,

I am not sure if the student was modifying the game when I took a look but there was no draw loop and only the circle and salmon background appeared. I didn’t see the score error because nothing was running;)

I made several changes including placing some functions in the draw loop so that things could get started, rearranging some function calls, etc. Take a look at this remix and see if your student can figure things out and why they are working. I feel like it might now be easier to figure out the conditional if statement that will go in the draw loop that will call function scene2() when the score is >100.

Let us know if you have further questions