Unit 3 Lesson 16 Circle 10 - Sound effects when you use isTouching block


I’m teaching Computer Science Discoveries for the first time to 7th & 8th Graders. We are on Unit 3 Lesson 16 - Movement 10. Help! My students want the computer to play a sound when the frog collides with the mushroom. When we add this code to the condition “frog isTouching mushroom”, we get a real echoing noise as a sound effect because it repeatedly plays the sound even though we have the loop effect turned to “false”. I believe this is because the sound is replayed the whole time the frog crosses the mushroom as the mushroom is several pixels wide? How do you get just ONE sound to play when the frog collides with the mushroom?



Think about what you are asking the block to do - everytime it makes contact it plays. Is there anything the students could add in to make it play once (like a variable)? Or use a timer to have it play once every few seconds if the condition is still met?

Sorry I can’t share code - this is an open forum and students can see if this was a place to post possible answers…