Unit 3 lesson 20 scale help

Here is a link to the project: Code.org - Game Lab

We are trying to make it so the virus sprite (covid) grows larger ONLY when touching the kid sprites. Right now it grows larger when it touches the kid AND when it touches the ghosts.

Just an FYI - the student is going to use generic virus instead of covid due to the sensitivity of this topic. He hasn’t changed the sprite names yet.


It appears that the ghosts are just a different animation or costume for the kids, so yes, it will also change when it is touching them because the ghost animation is still the kid sprites.

He may need to rethink how to do that. Off the top of my head, maybe he could create a timer or something that would make it so the “kid” sprites won’t react for a few seconds after changing into their ghost costumes.

Probably not the answer he is looking for, but …

Let us know if we can still help.