Unit 3 lesson 20 Sprite overlap error

The student I am working with is getting an error that says “ERROR: Line: 44: Error: overlap can only be checked between sprites or groups”. I’m not sure how to fix this.

Here is a link to his code: [Code.org - Game Lab]

Thank you for any help with this.

Hi @heath.kelley!

I believe the error is in the looping below. This post explains what an overlap error is. I believe the program is not able to check the position of the rockice because of line 63. “rockice=500” doesn’t specify which property of rockice should be manipulated. My guess is that the student meant to move rockice.x? When I changed line 63 to move rockice.x off the screen to the right, it worked. You might also check line 59 as well and make sure that points to a specific property.

Good luck!

Yes, he meant to use rockice.x. I didn’t see that error. Thank you for your help!