Unit 3 Lesson 22 Bubble 12 - Creating their own game

My student’s Unit 3 Lesson 22 game was not opening, now it is opening but the lag is so bad that you can’t play the game. The student has almost completed the game and the last time that he was able to open the actual game was Friday, 2/7 and it was working fine then. At first, we tried using many computers and did not have any luck getting it to load, after trying to load and load it would go to the Aw, Snap! Screen. We are able to get into his game now, but it is lagging so bad that you can’t play the game at all.


There is a line that starts with:


It’s really long, and it’s using up a lot of resources. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do, but I would suggest commenting it out or removing it.