Unit 3 - Lesson 22 - Error in Program - Help - CSD

My student is working on her game in CSD, Unit 3, Lesson 22. She keeps getting an error - ERROR: Line: 39: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘copy’ of null.

I am stuck and can not figure it out. I remixed her game and I am sharing the link.

That’s a strange one, and I don’t see anything in this program that should be causing that error. I’m going to pass this along to our engineers and see if they’ve got any ideas.

Line 11 is the problem: elf.setCollider("point");

I think that because the collider is being set to “point”. I’d suggest removing this line of code or keeping the collider as a rectangle or circle.

Thanks Josh and Mike. The setCollider was the issue. My student is eternally grateful!!!