Unit 3 Lesson 22 Rubric: "moving in a curve"

I feel like I’m mising something obvious, but the rubric for the “Design a Game” project mentions complex movement such as “moving in a curve.” This is my first year teaching this class, so I may have forgotten it, but this phrase does not ring a bell with me at all. I remember “jumping” and “acceleration” but not “moving in a curve.” Is this something we talked about in a previous lesson?

I think you’re correct. There are examples of “complex movement” in lesson 17, but I don’t think there is specific instruction on programming a sprite to move in a curve. Off the top of my head, I think that may require some trigonometry functions which would probably not be easily taught in a beginning middle school classroom.


Trigonometry would be useful in some curves but for making a circular curve I would just suggest each frame rotate the sprite by a minute angle and move it forward in the direction it is facing.