Unit 3 Lesson 27 - coding trouble for game

Trying to help my student with her game but I am having some difficulty as I am also new to the coding.

Object of game is to drag correct foods into bowl to make the shown dish. At times the variables do not seem to be subtracting, for example when a wrong item goes into the bowl a heart is to break and a new dish is displayed but the heart does not always break. Also, the dish changes to fast and doesn’t give the user a chance to drag over the food. Food does not always reset correctly (does not go back to its original position).

So… I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that code is pretty much unmaintainable it took a while to read through how big the project is and what’s redundant not like my fix is any better though i just salvaged what i could and it seems to function as intended also basically the only thing i removed feature wise is the bumping of other foods as you move them it’d be pretty annoying if it accidentally went into the bowl

perhaps someone else could possibly clarify what i did here if you don’t understand it’s definitely ticking me off that it isn’t fully clean but for now it functions which to my understanding is what you want