Unit 3, Lesson 7 Level 8 example solution help!

on the example solution, could someone please explain to me why playsound (line 13) is set for true, while the playsounds on lines 25 and 37 are set for false?
i just don’t get it!
thank you so much (in advance!)
cindy sandifer

In the documentation there is no second parameter. I think that parameter was meant to loop the sound if it is true. But it does not seem to work and may be a bug. You may want to report it to support@code.org

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Yes, the loop parameter is true for loop the sound and false for play one time. Default is false.

It does work for me. I am using Chrome OS 86 with Chrome browser.

What doesn’t work is stopSound which I have already sent a bug for. I think they are all supposed to be true, because otherwise you don’t even need to send the parameter. The bug then is the documentation doesn’t describe the parameter.