Unit 4, Lesson 10, Level 7

The write up for this lesson (Functions Practice) says there is supposed to be a video on level 7 (on variable scope), but it’s not there. It is in the Google slides, but I need a YouTube (or similar) link to give my online students, because our school’s internet is not good enough to stream videos smoothly. Is this video available anywhere besides the slides?


Hi @linda.henneberg,

Hm, not sure if the lesson indicate the video is supposed to be on the lesson itself, but sounds like you need it somewhere students can stream it individually.

I’ll forward your request. Meanwhile, I wonder if it’s possible to create a separate slide show and copy/paste that single slide onto it, then send that single-slide presentation to the students.

Hi @linda.henneberg - I’m working on this. I’m adding download links directly to the slides. I’ve already added one to the first Variables Scope video, now I’m tracking down the one used in Functions Practice. Thanks for your patience!

Video download link added to slide.