Unit 4 Lesson 13 level 6

In the example blocks in the instructions, the word event is typed into the bubble next to function. But when my students recreate this and type event into the bubble next to funcion in their On Event blocks, a yellow triangle comes up.
Can someone please explain this to me?
Also, the bubble next to function is usually blank in my experience (which is far from expert level !). When and why would we need to fill that bubble in with any command/string/whatever?
Thank you!!

I can see your confusion with this. However, when I clicked on the example solution, it had the yellow triangle too. Maybe we’re looking at steps in a process and we’re just not there yet?

maybe! all i know is: my students thought they should type event in their function blocks to make it look like the one in the example. it didn’t keep their program from running correctly, but it would have a yellow triangle placed as notation on that line. when we removed the word event, the yellow triangle goes away. maybe it’s like the yellow triangle that pops up beside a var block when you haven’t called the variable yet. idk!

The onEvent function is able to take a parameter - by default labeled event and do stuff with the information stored at event. I’ve been teaching this curriculum for five years. I believe when I started all onEvent came with event shown as the parameter and that confused students because they hadn’t learned about that feature yet. I guess now the curriculum has moved away from showing that.