Unit 6 Help-I am confused!



This is my first time teaching Unit 6. I feel so confused. As a class, we worked through Lesson 8. I referred to the exemplars to help us all.

I just assigned Lesson 9. I told the students that they could do their own game of that they do the “Grab a Bug” game as thier assignment.

Does anyone have a possible solution for the “Grab a Bug” I keep going over and over the previous lessons but don’t seem to be able to grasp any of it.

Teaching Units 1-3 previously, I know that I will eventually get it but we are all kind of struggling in class right now.




Hi, I just added in an example solution to the second bubble in the lesson (the app example). You should be able to see it in your teacher panel by mid next week. If we’re lucky, it might come in as early as tomorrow afternoon.



Thank you Elizabeth!

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