Unit 6 Lesson 4

Does the app work properly? Not seeing a total. Numbers in each circle always the same - appears to be distance from start.

I tried it and it works for me.

The app does work, minus the Total label, I will investigate. You are correct that the numbers in the circle update based on the distance from the start. The Traveling Salesman Problem is designed to expose students to the realization that there are some problems that cannot be solved in a reasonable amount of time. The time it takes to solve an unreasonable algorithm grows exponentially even for small problems. Students will be using the widgets to create and test their heuristics to evaluate its ability to produce the best result. Look for an update about the total label.

You will actually need to click on them to create the path and show the total distance.

I can’t get it to show the total distance when I click on the nodes.

Which browser are you using? It shows up on Chrome and Safari. I would suggest you write to support@code.org.

I’m using Chrome. I just tried it on Safari, and it doesn’t show the total there, either. It’s OK, I’ll just explain to the students that it isn’t working right now. Or maybe it will work for them, who knows?

That’s odd. An issue like that shouldn’t be time-dependent since such specific functionality shouldn’t rely on something like server connectivity - if something that’s up and down like a server/connection were an issue, the app just wouldn’t even load.
As others suggested, it’s likely a local issue like browser, but it sounds like you’ve tried a couple and the issue persists.
As Sangeeta suggested, I’d contact support@code.org.

Thanks for our reply. It wasn’t working on my Mac, but when I switched to my work laptop, a Thinkpad, it worked just fine.

so weird. I’m on a Mac and it works for me :thinking: