Unit 6, Lesson 9 Game help

This student has created a game where she is trying to get the world to move towards the sun.She has it coded to move diagonal. Once it gets so far, she would like it to just move straight down and not move to the right anymore. However, we are struggling with this. Is there a way to make this happen?

Attached is her project.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi! Has she done more work on it since you posted? I was able to play the game using my circuit board and I didn’t see any diagonal movement at all. It looks like the code is functioning so two players can click on the two buttons on the board and the world moves towards one of the two suns in a straight line, so wondering if she was able to solve her problem already? If not, I am not sure where the diagonal movement comes into play as the game is currently coded.

Let us know if you still need another pair of eyes on it!



Haha, yes…when I had her in class today she decided to completely switch it up and take the diagonal movement out of the game.

Thanks anyways!