Unit 7 Lesson 3 Parameters and Returns

Here is another example of a lesson that should NOT be here. We need to go back to last year’s version of this lesson. There is absolutely no way my students (nor I) can do this. There are no explanations as to HOW to accomplish what you are asking of students. I couldn’t even do it! This lesson is too complicated at this level. Whoever is designing these crazy lessons needs to go back to the drawing board! Understand you are attempting to teach students who have little to no experience in coding and do not have the knowledge that the coder for this lesson has. Our students, including myself are NOT coding experts!
Please put back the lessons we had last year, and years previous for Unit 7 Lesson 3!

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Agreed, this year’s course is absolutely brutal. When I help kids I am jumping into the middle of their code and it can be confusing, there are several lessons that this is their approach to the kids coding with very little help. I feel like unit 6 and 7 have left my kids extremely frustrated and discouraged (me too)

I’m working through the Ramen Radar and I don’t see where original size and multiplier are being declared. Not a big fan of this unit.

I totally agree! I try to walk my kids through it but they are left feeling super lost because the assignment is asking them to use skills they have not yet learned or even some that they have barely been introduced to… I am finding this to be super common throughout the course this whole year so far and it is my first year teaching this so I am lost too! Any suggestions?

Most of us are teaching the lesson from last year . You can find it on your dashboard; just click on the course for 2022-2023, then go to that unit and that lesson. Hopefully, that will work.