Unit Elimination and Practice Test

My students are working on their performance task, and we are bit behind. We still have Unit 7, 9 and 10 to complete. What I would like to know is which out of the 3 could I elimate? There is no way for them to complete 3 units prior to the written exam. I also wanted to give a practice test. Also, does anyone have a practice test to share?

Thank you!

Hi @lbarish,

This is always a tough question. I feel you and am in a very similar position myself! In order to do well on the exam, students are going to need to be able questions that are addressed within all three of these units. There is no way to eliminate a unit and also say you’ve ‘covered’ all the content from the exam with fidelity. That said, I know that we won’t be able to do every lesson before the exam so I understand the practical need to cut some things. As I look through the units, instead of removing a full unit I’ve been trying to think about how I can be creative about merging ideas or simplifying tasks and adding scaffolding such that students are able to get to the same conclusions, but can do it in a shorter period of time.

In terms of practice tests, here are a few ideas:

  • Check out the questions in AP Classroom (can’t be graded, but will give an accurate representation of the types of questions on the actual exam)
  • Look up the question bank provided by codehs (written by AP readers).

Additionally, here’s the official code.org response to the common teacher worry of “I’m behind - what should I cut?”

Addressing time concerns in AP CSP in the 20-21 school year - CS Principles / Updates from the Team - Code.org Professional Learning Community