Updated_ Help with Unit 3 Lesson 20 step 11

Could someone take a look and tell me why the ladybugs are not moving? Thanks!

Hi @tracy.d.grayson,

Check out lines 27-28, where you call the functions setEnemy1() and setEnemy2(). Note that these are called within the draw loop.

Now check out lines 73 and 78, where you set their x-positions to 0, as well as lines 75 and 80, where you set their x-velocities to 2.

Think about what happens every time you run the draw loop. Why does it appear that the ladybugs’ x-positions never change?

Let us know if you get it or if you need some more help.

–Michael K.


OK… so I took the call functions out of the draw loop, but now enemy2.y is moving down! THere’s something wrong with the code, but I can’t figure out what! help!!

Thank you

Here’s the link incase you need it again.


Look at the difference between lines 73 & 78. There’s something in line 78 causing it to move down instead of across.

Hope this helps!


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Oh wow… :slight_smile: thanks got it.