velocityX counter pattern

Does anyone else think that using a velocity counter pattern in the flyer game makes it very difficult to control in the left and right directions? When we use the x position counter pattern instead, the game functions much better.

Hi @dmaletta,

Do you have a link to the level in question? Remember that the velocity counter pattern sets how quickly the x coordinate changes, while the position counter pattern sets a change in position. They are both useful tools, but the one that is “correct” depends on what you’re trying to accomplish!

–Michael K.

I understand the difference… I just think in the context of a game that it’s very difficult to control (in terms of changing direction) if you use the velocity counter pattern. Here is a link to the level - it’s Unit 3, Lesson 17 bubble 9 where students are instructed to add a velocity x counter pattern.

Yes. In a game like this, I’m not sure there’s a wrong or a right, but just tradeoffs. Using the counter pattern does make it a little easier to control, but the movement looks a little less natural. I’m sure there are other spots where different decisions could be made and sometimes as a teacher, I do choose to teach things in a different order.