What is the best browser to use?

The configuration in my classroom is 14 client based workstations pulling a desktop from several central servers along with wireless devices running over our network. I have discovered that the Chrome browser is not as efficient at managing the resources required by code.org programming puzzles. The workstations would freeze then disconnect requiring the students to log back into our network and into code.org. Very frustrating. I found that Mozilla Firefox works MUCH better. I made it through the entire day today with 40 students (2 classes) and no crashes!

My students mainly use Mozilla Firefox but we are using laptops. They have had some trouble when they used Internet Explorer. I always use Chrome on my laptop and haven’t had a problem.


Hi @carole_black,

For the tools in CS Discoveries this year it is best to use either Firefox or Chrome. Both should work for Game Lab and Web Lab. If you plan to use the Maker Toolkit this year you are going to need to use Chrome as it is not yet set up for any other browser.



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