What strategies will you use when facilitating computer science learning in your classroom?



I like showing the students my own problem solving and strategies to help facilitate computer science and other learning. I tend to think out loud when trying to solve a problem so that students can see what steps I take, as well as how I react when things don’t go as planned.


I will use questioning strategies and have students work in teams to solve problems and also work together to produce projects. I will also post projects on the school’s website.


I like ask 3 strategy the most. The peer to peer pairing also will work in my classes. Students are likely to get engaged more and creative by seeing others and helping their classmates when they are stuck with something. Working in teams and collaborating with each other will help in one of my core where I have some English language learners.


Since this will be my first semester teaching computer science I believe I will use the Unplugged activities often. I would also like to incorporate ask 3 and then me. But most importantly, I want to emphasize the need for resilience. To never give up.