When I click a button this happens but if something is in its place it moves to a different space

When I click “DownloadGameButton” I want an element to appear on a different screen, but if another element is in that place I want it to move to a different place. But before I click “DownloadGameButton” I click “CookieClickerButtonGameDownloader” it changes the screen and make 2 elements show when I click a different button on the same screen the image changes on the same screen, and it will show 2 different elements on a different screen.


Welcome to the forum. I’m assuming this is in App Lab? I’m having a bit of a hard time envisioning what is happening. Can you share your app with us so we can look at it closer? If we can see it / play with the code, it’s a lot easier for us to help troubleshoot.



Of course. The main screens that are focused in this is “GameDownloaderScreen” and "Xpwallpaper/StartButton/Icons. In more detail what I want to happen is, When I click “CookieClickerButtonGameDownloader” I want “CookieClickerSS” to change to the current image, then when I click “DownloadGameButton” if the image is a cookie, then it will show 2 different elements on a different screen. But if a certain element is shown where the element is supposed to show, then it will move to a different location. The screen I want the elements to show is "Xpwallpaper/StartButton/Icons. Here is my app (Code.org(

The program is pretty long and confusing. I looked at your DownloadGameButton click event. In this onEvent you are getting the property of the GameDownLoaderPlaceHold element and comparing to a. But I cannot see where this property is getting set. Currently it is an empty string, hence the condition in your if statement is false and the screen does not change.

onEvent("DownloadGameButton", "click", function( ) {
  if (getProperty("GameDownloaderPlaceHold", "value") == a) {
  } else {