+1 speed to an object every second

I have been reviewing a game and another problem has appeared. They were trying to give a sprite that is always moving +1 speed every second and are having trouble figuring it out. I don’t know if anyone has ever done something like this before and was wondering if anyone could help

here is a link to the code



We can look at it, but without specifics of what is happening vs what you expect to happen, it’s a little difficult to help.

Can you review the information below and share a link with us that we can look at (after answering the questions below).


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Thanks for the link, but can you also give us more information?

What sprite isn’t moving as expected?

What should it be doing?

What is it doing instead?

Where did you attempt to write the code to set the speed?

All of these answers will help us to help you better. Right now, I’m not sure what sprite we are even looking at.



the basis of the game is that it will be a 2 player game where the ball is tracking a person and they can deflect the ball by pressing a key and if it hits the shield it will bounce off the shield and start tracking the other person.The ball/red thing is suppose to be getting faster every second and I have tried adding a variable called speed and tried doing it +1 for world.seconds and something like that and it just resulted in an error


OK. I think I understand. If you look at the project linked below, you will see an example of a ball where the speed increases similar to what you are hoping for.

Maybe this code will help you figure out how to add it to your game.

Ball accelerating with time

Let us know if that isn’t helpful.


Thanks for the code for the speed up and I was wondering if you could help me debug this code because i keep getting an error saying sprites can only be checked between groups. I’m trying to add a second player to the game where they have the controls and when i tried adding a second deflector i got the error. I tried changing the name and adding another variable but its not working and if could fix the error for me i would be very thankful

Here is the link to the code that needs to be debugDeflector

I’m not getting any errors when I run it. If you are seeing errors, please describe exactly what has to be done to generate them as I don’t get any when I play the game.