Unit 3 Final Project Lagging

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I expect the sprite 3 “enemy” to continue to move at a consistent rate (velocity is maintained at 1.1) however at about draw loop 800 something begins to lag the program. I cannot see what could be doing this in the code.

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@christine.carney ,

Finding bugs like this can be tricky. Have you tried removing each function call one at a time to see which function may be causing the lag?

When I did that, I found that the “enemycollision” function may be part of the problem. when I removed the call to that function, sprite3 appears to move at a regular speed for a lot longer. It could be the console.logs or something else. I’m not sure.

If that doesn’t completely solve the problem, i would suggest using that method (process of elimination) to see which function may be hosting the problem.

Good luck!


It was the console.logs! Thank you! I would never have guessed that!