'15-'16 Algorithms - Minimum Spanning Tree

Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.

My class was able to get 26 instead of 27 as the answer to the graph on the top of the last page in the student activity guide. Turns out there is a different cost from C->J on the answer key than on the class handout.

thanks so much for letting us know about this! i’ve updated the minimum cost of 26 and updated the graphic on the answer key.

I did the lesson today. I showed the Big Bang Theory clip before. It was hard for me to grasp whom of my students grasped the idea of an algorithm. Since my course had no pre-requisite or entrance requirement and I have 40 minute periods I decided to try to go about the algorithm as a class. My students could find the “cheapest” route, but I am not sure the majority could generalize it to an algorithm. Tomorrow I am going to have the students try one of the extra problems and follow the algorithm to find a shortest path just so I can reinforce the generalization of the process.

Is there a link to the clip of Big Bang Theory that you showed?
If not, what’s the Season # and Episode #?

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