Suggested Videos for MSP?

Anyone find any suggeted good videos to help explain MSP? Granted, I can ( and will ) look but just wanted to know if anyone had already reviewed any that are appropriate for our content in Lesson 6 of Unit 2

I am using this video from the Big Bang to introduce the idea of algorithms - it seemed like a nice ice breaker.


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I have never found great videos for graph algorithms. They are tough to find. Please do share whatever you’re able to scrounge up.

I think I am going to start this lesson with the video from U2L5. To introduce this detour I’m going to show the image at 3:43 about finding the “cheapest” route for the packets. I will talk about how packet routing is a very important problem that lets us dive into algorithms and advanced computer science concepts. The fact that “cheapest” is defined in a very complex manner in the video will give me a segway into talking about how important it is to focus on exactly what problem we are trying to solve in each of the algorithm lessons and how each problem is different. This was a key take away for me at PD on this lesson.