'15-'16 General Discussion for Lesson 3.4


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


My students don’t seem to read the directions (gasp!). Because Code Studio doesn’t actually check if students’ results meet the criteria, I had many (if not most) of my students thinking they completed the puzzles when they had not.

Many students saw a picture of the goal (say, the 1x1 square to the front-right of the starting position of the turtle) and instead drew a 1x1 square to the back-left of the turtle, then moved their turtle to the back-left corner of the square and faced the turtle forward to make it look like the goal picture. :o| Many did not notice there was a require ending position/direction for the turtle.

Next time I would help draw students’ attention to what the instructions mean by “starting location”, so they can better understand “to the front and right of the turtle’s starting location”. I would also remind them to read the full instructions that say the turtle’s end position/direction must be the same as its starting position/direction.

It would also be helpful if that bit of information was in the lower-left corner.

I was also surprised by the proportion of students who struggled with drawing the square to the front-right of the turtle… um… is that just my students?.. not trying to be mean… but… yeah…


This lesson 3.2 along with Stage 3.3 ran smoothly. Students were more than ready to jump into programming.We began the lesson watching the video which built excitement for students to code. One student, frustrated with the constraints, asked " Whats the point"!?! Perfect question that naturally guided us to the discussion part of the lesson. When trying to find the most efficient method, students were persistent with the healthy competition this problem created. I personally enjoyed that I could review students coding with the built in functionality that allows the viewing of students responses. I was able to display student responses on the screen using the LCD projector and run their programs so that we could all see it and dialogue.


My students can’t cut and paste code in text mode on their chromebooks. I am not having a problem on a PC.


It started working for the same student in L3.


Hey Caroline - thanks for reporting the issue! We have a known issue that students cannot copy/paste code in these levels when their program is running. Please let us know if your students are running into this even when the program isn’t running and we will definitely look into it.


ah ok. I’ll check to see if its running next time. Thanks


Did your students eventually figure the problem out? I am struggling with this problem as well. I don’t understand how only having the commands left and forward can create a square to the right of the starting ending at the original starting position.


Hint: What happens if you turn left 3 times and then move forward?


Wow, thank you! These coding problems are a real challenge :grinning:


Some of my students played around with it and ended up creating a “fake” right turn by turning left 3 times - a different process for getting essentially the same result. I suppose you could also turn left 7 times… or 11… or 15…


Very quick lesson. I guess because our school has participated in the hour of code every year. I will be combining it with Lesson 3. I still would like to hear how other teachers are grading everything. Are you giving points for everything? Just curious. We had 160 requests AP CSP for next year. I will be the sole teacher, doubling my students and I need to be as efficient as possible. Thanks!