'15-'16 The Need for Addressing

Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.

I did this lesson today and it was well received by students. One tech issue I ran into is apparently I needed to switch to “unit 2” in the teacher dashboard from “unit 1” which was a surprise to me. Once students re-loaded the student page they were able to see unit 2 in their windows. This lesson went as planned overall. Some students typed to one another what they wanted the protocol to be during the “silent time” - I suppose that showed that they were ready to think protocols from the beginning.

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The lesson was well received by some students. I had to be part of a group to create groups of three and as a result other groups became off-task especially when we transitioned to the simulator. I am going to use my students’ failures/difficulties to ignite a conversation to start the next class.

P.S. It was astonishing how many students did not play Battleship before