'15-'16 The Need for DNS


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


FYI, the link in the lesson plan on page 3 is broken (https://youtu.be/xOJTUuw62v4?t=4m12s)


thanks for the heads up, kaitie! we’ve fixed the link.


The warm up to this lesson was really well done - students certainly got appropriately frustrated/annoyed - and they learned why a centralized system was important!

The actual lesson ran pretty short - we had a good 20 minute at the end. Next year, I might try combining lessons 9 and 10 since I am guessing that tomorrows lesson will run short too - I just wasn’t prepared to do it today so I couldn’t transition that fast in class to lesson 10.

Also, in the student directions it says that you don’t need to be connected to the same router (but that wasn’t in the teacher notes). I should have read the student directions fully ahead of time, because at first I told students they had to be attached to the same router which was incorrect.


Cool. Thanks for this note. The unplugged DNS stuff can get rowdy. Did all the kids start running away from you? :smile:

As for the lesson running short, I think that’s expected. Once you use the DNS in NetSim a few times, you kind of get it and are ready to move on. So that’s cool, too.


No… but they started hiding their scraps of paper!


Where is the tutorial video? Under “activity” it says that there is a tutorial video.


Hello! I apologize for the confusion – we didn’t end up producing a tutorial video for this topic, however the instructions that show up in front of the level explain how this configuration works. I’ve updated the lesson plan to reflect that.

Thank you!


Thanks Sarah. It worked out just fine.